We are British Sports car enthusiasts just like yourself. Our founder and system designer, Dan Masters, currently owns two British Sports cars - a Triumph TR6 and an MGBGT/V8. Our current owner, Steve Carrick, owns an MG/V8. We believe in driving these cars - we don't own them just for show. Dan and Steve both have driven their cars on many trips of 500-1000-1500 or more miles each way, and they insist that they be completely reliable and dependable. Not just mechanically, but electrically as well - no Lucas jokes here!

       All well and good, but what does that have to do with you, a potential buyer of our products? Just this: Dan is a retired electrical engineer with over 40 years experience in the electrical field, including over 15 years of involvement with British car electrical systems. He began his career as a radar technician in the US Air Force, and then went on to earn a BSEE from the University of Tennessee. He then spent 28 years as an Instrumentation and Controls engineer for the Tennessee Valley Authority, designing electrical systems for nuclear power plants to the stringent requirements of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Company downsizing gave him the opportunity to take early retirement to do what he loves best - play with his cars!

       Dan has applied his education and experience, both electrical design experience and the experience of British car ownership, to the design and implementation of the wiring systems and auxiliary circuits we sell. These are the first - and the only - systems designed specifically for MGs and Triumphs.

       Our new owner, Steve, has....[background info for Steve will be added shortly]

       Below are photos of our cars. Dan lives in Tennessee and Steve lives in Michigan - none of these cars were trailered!

Dan's TR6 on the sand at Daytona beach
Steve's MGB/V8 conversion in a hayfield in Tennessee.
Dan's MGBGT/V8 conversion in a back yard in Michigan.